Will I lose control of my faculties?

We do things all the time in which we give up control. Have you ever flown in an airplane? Ridden in a bus or taxicab? Have you ever had surgery? Have you ever loved someone with reckless abandon? In each of these situations, you are less in control than you are in a regular session of hypnosis. In hypnosis, you are actually in a state of enhanced awareness and perception. So long as there is good rapport between yourself and the hypnotist your subconscious programs can be re-written for your benefit. If anything starts to smell funny or anything happens that is in-congruent with your core beliefs, that rapport goes out the window and the ability to be hypnotically influenced ends. In other words, even in trance, you are in total control. When working with a hypnotist, going into trance is a choice. Just like you would choose your surgeon carefully, choose your hypnotherapist very carefully.